Hydration for healthy skin

Hydration is absolutely necessary part of a proper skin care.

Beauty comes from outside but also from inside. These two things are strongly bond together. As you can read in many books real beauty means the harmony of body and soul.
If all the cells and metabolisms of your body should function well, they need certain amount of water per day. Skin is made up of 70% water therefore an adequate fluid intake is very important. Proper hydration has not only a cosmetic effect, but is also necessary for proper functioning of the skin as a body tissue.

Lack of water in the body can occur not only by the reduced fluid intake, but also by increased losses of it from the body. The dehydration of the skin may cause low functioning of immunity barrier function of the skin. People suffering with this condition tend to have very dry skin or skin diseases such as atopic eczema.

Beautiful skin= moisturized skin

Skin is made of 6-8 liters of water. Any imbalance in hydration may result in malfunction of the skin. Dehydrated skin cannot fulfill its protective function and appears dry, cracked, and wrinkly due to the loss of its natural elasticity.

When you take a bath, you moisturize the skin but only for a very short period of time. Bath washes away dirt but also substances that are made to keep water in the skin. That is why good moisturizers contain water and also lipids and other substances that help water to easily penetrate deeper layer of the skin.

Regular shaving and use of antiperspirants is nowadays very common. However, shaving can have irritating effects on the skin. When shaving you are mechanically damaging keratin producing cells, which are on the basis of hair, nails and the outermost layer of skin. Research on the effects of shaving showed that shaving results in immediate breakage of the skin barrier function and allowing the runoff of water and natural moisturizers. The significant increase of dryness of the skin’s surface is still obvious four days after shaving. It is important to moisturize skin after shaving again.

In addition to local care moisturizer that helps to create a protective layer, we must not forget the principles of a healthy lifestyle. Try to follow proper drinking regime, limited intake of coffee and alcohol, do not smoke and try to stay on the fresh air without smog and other pollutants.

Now we discussed the health of skin and you can read something more about hair care here.

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